How PAJ-GPS trackers provide a sense of security for car owners

How PAJ-GPS trackers provide a sense of security for car owners

Today, we have easy access to maps and increasingly accurate information about remote locations. All of this is integrated with our smartphones, which are within easy reach. However, on top of that, this technology also allows us to track our cars in real-time.

The Global Positioning System works based on triangulated communication between a receiver, on Earth, and a satellite moving in a predictable orbit. Calculating the distance between these three points makes it possible to know the exact position of the device.

In addition to guiding you in the unknown, it also serves to provide safety for you and your car. A vehicle tracking device can help in the safe recovery of your car, in case of theft. There are many varieties of GPS trackers for cars but the ones we recommend, after testing many devices, are the GPS trackers made by PAJ-GPS.

How do they work?

They translate signals from space and read positions using coordinates such as latitude and longitude. Their effectiveness allows them to be used in various fields, including research.

Why can you rely on PAJ-GPS trackers?

Personal safety

In the event of an unwanted event, you can activate the panic button. The former allows you to activate a monitoring center so that emergency services can come to you if needed. The second allows you to determine a safe area (or a place you usually pass through). If, under any circumstances, your car exceeds these limits, you will be immediately notified directly via your phone.

Better logistics control

If you have a company that makes several types of deliveries, this option greatly speeds up their management. With this device, you will accurately track the trajectory and speed of the car or truck. With this, your team will always know the location of your loads or orders, thus ensuring more safety for the driver and your business. This way, you will be aware in case of any accidental events and/or take the necessary actions before the authorities.

Enables real-time tracking

One of the advantages of PAJ-GPS car trackers is the GPS technology that allows you to check the car’s location in real-time. This means you can access the data from anywhere via the internet, digital platforms, or through an app. The practicality of monitoring is fundamental in clarifying the facts. It is a distinction that provides more comfort and security for the owner. Since vehicle users have access to data 24 hours a day, they can also contact the authorities faster in case of theft or robbery. Day after day we hear on the news how cases of car theft and burglary are rapidly increasing, which is why it is important to have a tool that allows for better security.

Works even with the car in engine off-state

Vehicle tracking has nothing to do with the operation of the car. The tracker works independently of the ignition, and only in conjunction with the vehicle’s power supply. PAJ-GPS trackers, even when unplugged, work autonomously, using the internal battery.

One other advantage of PAJ-GPS trackers is their ability to track over a very wide area, more precisely over 100 countries. That’s an advantage that other manufacturers’ trackers struggle to match. By using PAJ-GPS trackers, peace of mind for car owners is possible.